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LED Tickers


rgb-mstLooking for a compact way to get your message across? The MST Series is just what you’re looking for! This Series is an extendable, single-line, text based system, great for use as wall accents, mini ticker tapes or donor wall displays. Each MST is independently programmable with any message of your size and choosing. Custom enclosure materials and colors are also available to accommodate the aesthetic of any environment.

Key Features:

  • Discreet 1.5” text height
  • Lightweight – the MST weighs less than 1 lb. per ft. and can be mounted with velcro

See installations of this product in our Projects gallery: Syracuse University Newhouse School Donor Wall, Shakespeare Machine


TKRThe TKR Series is your classic “ticker” LED display. These constantly moving displays are great for sports scores, Twitter feeds, or any other information that would need to be continuously updated. Full-color and constantly moving, the TKR Series is a feast for the eye.

Key Features:

  • Extendable up to 500 ft. +
  • Can be curved to a 6 ft. radius
  • Multiple mounting options
    • Rear mount
    • Ceiling mount
  • Multiple pixel heights available
    • 7 pixels high
    • 16 pixels high
    • 24 pixels high
    • 32 pixels high
    • And more…
  • Programming Options
    • Standalone messaging
    • Third party data feeds for sports, news, financial content
    • Integrate with your own data feed
  • Custom cabinet material and colors available
  • Indoor and outdoor versions

See installations of this product in our Projects gallery: Curtin University WesFarmers Court, BP Chicago, University of Toronto, Perot Museum of Nature and Science

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