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Sunrise can use a variety of materials and finishes to create a display that will complement its environment. This custom LED display features a stainless steel chassis which turns (3) 90°corners and is suspended from the ceiling by  cabling.


When TPG Architecture (NYC) designed a multi-function room for their Manhattan client’s financial firm they had envisioned a ticker tape
element which would appear as if folded into the corners and embedded into the surface of their island bar.  The desire for a product that was
proven to have a long lifespan and would require little to no maintenance made the concept of using LED technology most appealing.  Trying to
incorporate both functionality and finesse, TPG sought out Sunrise Systems, a custom manufacturer of LED displays, to take their design from
imagination to fabrication.

To ensure proper fit, production was closely coordinated with on-site contractors, Lehr Construction Corporation (NYC).  The 1.75” thick stainless
steel enclosure was formed with virtually no seams to create a trendy pendant feature above the bar.  Weighing approximately 5 lbs. per foot
the L portion of the ticker is discreetly suspended from the ceiling by thinly threaded aircraft cable.

A custom-tailored software program allows the client to select which stocks they would like displayed in the feed as well as provide the option
for dynamic programmable messages.  A three-tiered program, the Stock Builder application updates figures every 15 minutes, Image Key allows
user to create bitmap images for the display, and Text Builder converts text into bitmap images.  A controller application matches stock quotes
with the stock icons in the custom library and displays them accordingly.  Controlled by an actual PC, the sign can be remote accessed.

See the original release about this project in Interior+Source Online Magazine here.

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