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  • led sign for a university
    CWRU Toby’s Plaza - LED Pylon Signage
  • Curtain Wall NAWRAS Store Dubai
  • New World Symphony LED Curtain Wall
  • Syracuse University Newhouse School Digital LED Donor Wall Signage
  • Highline Capital Ticker in Bar
  • Strand Theatre Dorchester
  • Lincoln Center Box Office
  • Lincoln Center Signage in Columbus Ave Stairs
  • Motorola Chicago - LED Subway Map Wall
  • 7 World Trade Center
  • Smithsonian American Art Museum
  • Exterior Industrial LED Sign
    Tata Steel
  • Harvard Video Wall
  • Jellies Exhibit National Aquarium in Baltimore
  • Wei Fun
  • LED theater signage
    Quad Cinema, NYC

Introducing Sunrise SESA Technologies, Inc.

Sunrise Systems Electronics Co., Inc. (Sunrise) and SES America, Inc.
(SESA) have merged to form Sunrise SESA Technologies, Inc.